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Committee to Elect Nathan Howard

Island County Commissioner District 1 (D)

PO Box 1114, Coupeville, WA 98239

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I’m Nathan Howard and I am running to be your next District 1 Commissioner. As your County Commissioner, I will work with our community to build on the foundation of the past, fix the problems of today, and ensure our island communities grow and strive towards a better future.

Below are the three main areas of focus for my campaign and where I want Island County to go: 

Strong Community - A community’s strength comes from its people. To strengthen our community, we must build up our community’s social, emotional and personal support, as well as strengthen the support systems for our disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.

Robust Economy - The robustness of local economies depends highly on supporting businesses and organizations that have strong ties to our community. We need to make sure that all segments of our community can afford to live here and be successful; from families, to young adults, to our seniors. We must allow people from all sectors to thrive here, including our teachers, our firefighters, entrepreneurs, service members, students, tradespeople, and service providers.

Sound Infrastructure - Sound infrastructure involves maintaining and developing our infrastructure efficiently and effectively; both physically and fiscally. Infrastructure includes most of the human built structures and systems, including transportation, water, wastewater, energy, telecommunication, food distribution, and public health. We can save many thousands of dollars and provide higher quality services by developing and maintaining our infrastructure well, instead of finding ourselves unprepared and underserved.

Government works for the people when we let the sunlight in. I’ve worked in government for a long time and I know we need to make our budgets, our communications, and our plans more accessible to the average person. You deserve to clearly know what is going on and what your county government is doing for our community. 

As your commissioner, I look forward to working together to continue to build a strong Island County!

You can read more about the issues I'd like to tackle as your commissioner, and possible solutions on my Platform page.


Please take a few minutes to fill out this Survey to share your ideas and opinions with me so I can find ways to better serve you. You can also email, call, or text me and I will get back to you promptly (info on the Contact page). I want to hear from as many people as I can so I can be a representative of all Island County residents!