Elected Officials'
15% Pay Cut Pledge

From time to time our communities face serious economic disruptions and our governments face significant budget shortfalls. Far too often the first decision made by our elected officials to address these budget shortfalls is to cut staff and cut the services that impact our most vulnerable populations. While cuts may be necessary, these types of cuts should not be the first option, and those decisions should not be taken lightly. Cutting staff adds to the economic turmoil by putting more people out of work. It also reduces the government's ability to respond to a crisis, and bounce back when the crisis is over. 


Our leaders must stand up and lead by example. We cannot put the burden first on the poor, working class, or vulnerable populations. 


We pledge to reduce our salaries by at least 15% before considering any furlough or layoff of any staff, or services cut to programs that support our vulnerable populations. If a reduction in our salaries is not within our control, we will donate at least 15% of our salaries to programs that support local workers and vulnerable members of our community. 


We pledge to not furlough or layoff any non-management staff or cut services to any programs that support our vulnerable populations before exhausting all other options, including, but not limited to, reducing funding for less essential programs and temporarily reducing wages of management and supervisors.

Pledge Signers

Nathan Howard

Candidate for Island County Commissioner, District 1

Fe Mischo

Candidate for Island County Commissioner, District 2